Meet the talented cast of "Max Anderson, Private Eye"!

Charles Wetzel Jr.
My "brother", best friend, former co-worker and roommate, and a terrific actor with a lot of potential.
While Charles may not have any "formal" acting experience, he's been acting in my short films and videos
since 2008. Max Anderson is the biggest part he's ever taken on, and it's perfect for him. He's basically
Max in real life. (Well, except for the "loser" part.)

Brittney Forster
We had a very hard time finding the right actress to play Kristin. With her extensive experience with the
Fremont Community Theatre acting and singing on stage, "Frenchy" had a challenging role, trying to keep
Kristin bitchy, yet sympathetic.

Joe Morsher
A stage and film actor (you can see him somewhere in the background of "The Avengers"!), Joe was the
first and only choice to play Chris. After shooting wrapped, he moved away to join the Army and recently
graduated. Wishing him the best!

Nick Schetter
This is Nick's first real acting role (he previously appeared in a non-speaking part in "Stupornatural
3"), but luckily all he had to do was be himself. And yes, he knows he looks a lot like Neil Patrick
Harris. No need to keep pointing it out.

Ryan Dickman
With a name like Dickman, Ryan was pretty much born to be a comedian. He performs stand-up in the Toledo
area on a regular basis. This is his first acting role, and everyone agrees he gets the biggest laughs!

Tim Bolton
(Mr. Fenworth)
Tim has been acting and working with the Fremont Community Theatre for so long, a list of credits would
fill this page. He has also worked with Frenchy in a number of productions - in fact, they played husband
and wife in a play right before playing father and daughter in the film. Awkward!

Rosemary Ratajczak
Rosemary is one of my Kroger coworkers and a natural actress. Who knew? She's not quite as sassy as the
character she plays, she's actually one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. She also appears in the
background of one scene as an extra, can you spot her?

Robert Ammanniti
Another Fremont theater alumni, Bob brings an oily, snake-like charm to the part of Vince, despite being
such a nice guy in real life. I still feel bad for all the traveling he had to do to get to our locations!

Mike Boroff
Like Ryan Dickman, Mike is another Toledo stand-up getting into acting. This is actually the second time
we've worked together, he previously played the Old Man (and Old Woman!) in the "Legendary Elf Quest"
video series. He and Bob really brought the Abbott & Costello quality to Vince and Bruno that I wanted,
they really made an odd couple!

Heather Bartlett
To say we were lucky to find Heather would be an understatement. She was the seventh person cast
in the role of Cassandra, after the first six bowed out for scheduling reasons. She's a friend of
Frenchy's and now a friend of ours too. She brought that perfect "femme fatale" vibe to the part. And she
has a new baby on the way - best of luck to her with that!

Ray Sofia
Former Chicago cop turned actor, director, photographer, technical consultant. Ray does it all! He has
extensive TV, commercial and film experience and he really saved the day, bringing authentic police
uniforms and gear for use in the film. Not to mention his expertise on police procedure. (Also, he has
his own plane, how cool is that?)

Jerry Lynch
(Mr. Torelli)
Jerry has the longest professional resume of anyone involved in the film. He regularly appears in film,
TV and the stage, as well as a number of independent productions. Even though he was sick during the
shooting, he still gave 100 percent. And he really scared a lot of the other actors with his intense